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Addiction’s effects on the body articles, resources and personal stories to help you understand the symptoms and treatment of substance abuse and addiction.

allergic reaction alcohol

The Alcoholic Allergy

The Alcoholic Allergy Historically, alcoholics were considered low-lifes, morally bankrupt and lacking willpower. Why couldn't they just drink like the rest of us? Luckily, in 1939, the theory that alcoholics are physically allergic to alcohol was introduced. While this theory was not widely accepted at the time, it has gained popularity with many recovery programs. But what …

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Long term drug treatment

Long Term Drug Treatment

Long Term Drug Treatment: What is taking so long? In our caffeine-fueled, frantic, multitasking world we want everything FAST. Fast delivery, fast food, fast download, we all want to save time; even with our health care. Emergency medical care is around the corner from many homes. Medical surgeries and treatments that required lengthy hospital stays …

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Benefits of Out of State Rehab vs. In State

Combatting addiction is hard enough. The cravings, the emotions, and the triggers can seem impossible to deal with. Group and individual therapy are often needed to uncover the root causes of the addiction. On top of all this, the physical effects of withdrawal can be difficult to deal with. All of these factors can mean …

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