Freedom from Addiction: A New Way of Living

VRC helped James find a new way of dealing with life.

My name is James Payne and my sobriety date is March 21, 2019.

What was life like before you came to Ventura Recovery Center?

Basically, my life was falling apart. I was using different kinds of drugs: crystal meth, Xanax, Norcos, smoking a lot of weed. and my life was in shambles, basically.

Why did you seek drug addiction treatment?

I was working a lot and I would take a lot of time off. During my time off I would use that time to party and use a lot of drugs. My reputation in the industry started to fade. The feeling that I had about myself in terms of my confidence at work, my confidence with other people all those things were starting to be affected. And my relationships, most importantly, were all affected by my decisions. So I definitely felt like I needed help.

How was your experience at Ventura Recovery Center?

My experience at VRC has been fantastic. The staff is incredible. They really are personable, and very very approachable. So, for me, a guy that likes personal attention, I definitely felt like I needed someone to talk to. Someone that could relate to what I was going through. And I definitely got that with the staff here at Ventura Recovery Center.

What did you learn while in drug treatment?

Probably the biggest thing that I have learned so far has been my part in everything that I do. I spent a lot of time blaming other people for my problems. Blaming other people for why things are going on in my life. Not understanding that I played a part in that as well. So my experience here has been that, “Hey, the decisions that I make are my decisions.” They are not other people’s. And I can take responsibility for my part in that regardless of what someone else is doing.

What do you like best about being sober?

I like being clear-headed, being lucid, being here. Being able to tackle my problems whether they be with work or life or relationships, with a clear head. I like the fact that I have help. I have people that I can call that will give me advice on certain situations. And I follow their advice. I like the fact that I am present today. I can be there for my family now, I can be there for friends in a way that I was not before.

So I love it.

– James P.

-Ventura Recovery Center Client

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A New Way of Life After Addiction: Testimonial
A New Way of Life After Addiction: Testimonial

James' life was spiraling out of control when he called Ventura Recovery Center. Today he is present and lives his life consciously.