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Almost 2 years ago I was totally at a loss for what my next move would be in life. I had become a stranger to myself and to everyone that knew me. One of my last remaining friends helped me to get into Ventura Recovery Center, and I have never looked back. I am not that person anymore. I was scared to change, but it was my only hope.  My life slowly started to get better, and now I barely remember that person. VRC gave me the tools to reclaim my life. Thank you to the staff. They loved me when I could not love myself. I am alive today because VRC cared enough to save my life.

-Robert B. (via Yelp)

In an hour I will have 365 days of sobriety! I have accomplished more in this last year then I have in my entire life.. (I’ve never even made it to 4 months since I was 15 maybe) but i’m really grateful for all the support you guys have shown me, even when I didn’t deserve it…thanks alot my friends..if you are struggling with addiction, you are more than welcome to message me and I will try my best to point you in the right direction..i’m here for everyone of you, just like you have been for me. Thanks V.R.C.

-Taylor C. (via Google +)

Three months in treatment and the transition is amazing. Through experienced and compassionate counselors, therapists, and doctors he has begun a new life. The staff not only treats the addiction, but the person as a whole to feel comfortable, and not isolated. This has been key in binging out the person that was being hidden by this disease. I feel so grateful to say I am now able to help myself and our family heal because of the staff that they have at VRC. Thank you, you are truly saving lives! 

-Michelle S. (via Yelp)

I would like to express how wonderful this place is and the people that work there. I’ve had a bad experience before with another recovery center, but this place reassured me that there is hope. Every time I called with a different question that popped up, the person on the other end was so helpful and informative. I will recommend this place to my friends and family if I have to, because they truly do change lives for the better. Thank you VRC.

-Jordan M. (San Diego, CA)

With the multitude of options in treatment these days it really comes down to finding a facility that truly cares about not only their clients, but equally important, their staff who will be putting in the countless hours of care for the person you love most in this world. Thank you Carl for giving me hope and showing me there are honest and thorough human beings who will give everything they have to help another person have a life. You are a true hero and I can’t repay you for what you have given to me, my friends and, to the world!

-Shelley M. (Sherman Oaks, CA)

I was in the process of looking for a recovery center for my close friend who needed help. Out of all the places I’ve called, Ventura Recovery Center stood out the most. The staff was very informative and supportive with my situation.  I highly recommend this place if you are looking to change your life for the best! Wonderful people.

-Darla B. (Tustin, CA)

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