Alcoholism and Executive Functions

What is an executive function? It is a set of mental processes which is used to perform such actions as planning, organizing, strategizing, focus, attention to detail, and time management. This function is located within the frontal lobe, a major part of the brain. People who happened to be predisposed to alcohol abuse tend to have problems with the executive function of the brain, so adding alcohol into the mixture is recipe for disaster.

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Methamphetamine Detox

Five hundred metric tons of methamphetamine is being produced annually with 24.7 million people who use or used this highly addictive substance. The longer the use of the drug the worse the withdrawals become as one tries to quit. As the body becomes reliant on a certain amount of methamphetamines, removal of it can cause an immense amount of emotional and physical pain.

Heroin Detox Is A Challenge For Addicts

Today the problem of heroin addiction is more widespread than ever. Those who have developed an addiction to heroin realize that the drug is controlling their lives but in many cases, they are unable to accomplish on their own. The reason is that once a person has become a heroin addict, the body and the brain become accustomed to having the drug in the system.