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Our caring, highly trained staff

“Ventura and its attentive staff have gone above and beyond to create a caring and successful environment for addiction recovery.”

TJK- Former Client

You will be well cared for at Ventura Recovery Center


Chris Ryan

Intake Specialist/ Business Development

Chris Ryan is a dedicated member of Ventura Recovery Center’s team, coordinating new client intakes and community outreach. Chris has been sober since 2013 and he is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Chris has devoted his life to helping other alcoholics and addicts not only maintain sobriety but to thrive in many other aspects of their lives. He offers support and encouragement to our clients every step of the way, while always contributing a few laughs. His passion for recovery and personal experiences in the grip of addiction makes him invaluable to our clients as they go through this journey.


Bob Pautsch

Executive Director

Bob Pautsch is also in active recovery from alcoholism & drug addiction. He completed a state mandated treatment program in 1988. His personal passion lies in seeing his clients’ eyes come alive after their spirit opens up to the possibility of a different way of life. Bob’s experience at a prominent Southern California Treatment Center deepened his innate ability to remain calm in the midst of highly emotional situations. He excels at creating a safe emotional space for clients experiencing any degree of agitation in the early phases of their recovery. Bob is the Executive Director at Ventura Recovery Center. In addition to overseeing the day to day operations of the treatment center, he stays in close contact with the clinical team to ensure that each client is receiving the best care possible.

The program and staff are by far the most solid I have encountered. No slips through the cracks. Her therapist appointments are regular, not “as needed.” Her case manager runs a tight ship. Her sponsor is a constant presence in the life. Everyone is professional.

VRC Client’s Sister


Michael Baxter

Program Director

Michael Baxter has been in recovery since 2012.  After surrendering to Alcoholics Anonymous, Michael has dedicated his life to helping others. Michael is the Program Director at Ventura Recover Center and finds fulfillment helping struggling alcoholics achieve long term recovery and sobriety. He is always available to lend a helpful hand to anyone who needs his help. Michael truly loves his job and could not see himself working in any other field.


Katherine Kada

Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor III

Katherine Kada is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor III at Ventura Recovery Center.  She completed her education courses in Addictive Disorder Studies at Oxnard College. Katherine studied at Cal State University Channel Islands and Kaplan University and received her bachelor’s in Psychology with an emphasis in Substance Abuse in 2013. She has been involved in 12 step groups since 2014 and uses her own personal experience and recovery to empower clients through the treatment process and to help aid them in building lives again. Katherine is grateful to work at Ventura Recovery Center because not only is she able to provide compassion and encouragement as a residential technician to our clients when they first enter treatment but also provide guidance and assistance to clients in case management, helping them put together the stepping stones to a new life without the use of alcohol or drugs.


Randy Thompson

Case Manager

Randy Thompson is a passionate addiction counselor who has been blessed with the gift of disturbing the comfortable. Randy has many passions, but none greater than watching the transformation of an individual who considers themselves to be hopeless, later becoming interested in living a life they know is a gift. He is an active member of the California Association for alcohol/drug educators. Randy is also active in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction for over 20 years. Randy was fortunate enough to enter and complete a long-term rehabilitation program in 1993 in which he is eternally grateful for and understands the importance of building a solid foundation in early recovery. Randy enjoys coordinating groups of people to cater to the homeless on skid row as a means of giving back as well as pushing overall health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to recovering alcoholics and addicts. Randy is convinced that an exercise regimen is essential to maintaining recovery. He also understands the importance of twelve step meetings, sponsorship and the application of the twelve steps as he joins in with the rest of the treatment team at Ventura Recovery Center to persuade clients to follow the path that so many have traveled. Randy provides services for the clients of VRC. Here, Randy addresses treatment issues as well as day to day living issues with the assistance of the treatment team.


Donna Paul

Addiction Treatment Counselor

Donna Paul has joined our treatment team as counselor. Donna is a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor, Level III, who has been facilitating groups and counseling individuals since 2009. She is an active member of the California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators. She has several years of personal, 12-step based recovery and is thankful to be able to share this, as well as other recovery and relapse prevention tools, with those who are fighting addiction. She is passionate about recovery and the life available to those who choose this path. In addition to her work, Donna enjoys hiking, traveling, reading and baking while in the company of family and friends.