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A Brief History of VRC

When Siesta House opened its doors in 1989, it was a small sober-living home in a nice neighborhood in Thousand Oaks, CA. As hundreds of clients found sobriety at Siesta House over the years, it became a reputable and respected institution in the community. In 2012 Siesta House was purchased and revamped by three men who had very clear-cut ideas about how to get sober and stay that way. They found recovery themselves and strive to help other men and women find long-term sobriety. They believe that recovery takes work and time, so they have designed a program that supports step-work and gives clients the time they need to start a new way of living.

Over time, Ventura Recovery Center has added dual diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction services and residential treatment. If you’ve done some research, you’ll quickly see that many treatment centers offer the same things. Medically supervised substance abuse detoxification and residential treatment are common offerings at many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Many drug and alcohol rehabs also have yoga and CBT as well. Why would you choose Ventura Recovery Center instead of another facility?

Long-term treatment and twelve-step emphasis set us apart from other treatment centers.

Twelve Step Emphasis

First of all, we believe in the Twelve Steps of Recovery. This work, when done whole-heartedly, can ensure not only freedom from addiction, but also a new way of life that is engaging, purposeful and happy. We help our clients find a step guide and encourage their progress. We take our clients to AA, NA and CA meetings. Our staff and owners have all done the Twelve Steps of Recovery and know that the emotional and spiritual relief that comes with this work is priceless. We have found permanent sobriety and contentment in the face of whatever life has given us. We are committed to showing anyone who comes to stay with us the path out of addiction and emotional turmoil. We help our clients find an inner guidance, a community of support and the confidence to face life responsibly and with a clear mind.


Long-Term Treatment

Also, because we offer long-term treatment, our clients stay with us for as long as necessary to build new life skills and prepare for sober life. While many treatment centers have a set length of stay for their clients, we allow you to stay as long as you need. Many of our clients elect to stay in the area, start careers and families. The bonds they make here are powerful and meaningful. We are proud of the fact that many of our clients become step guides for our newer clients. This completes the circle of healing and community that fosters long-term sobriety.

Isn't It Hard to Stay Sober?

Many people think that “getting sober” means learning to deal with cravings for drugs and alcohol for the rest of or lives. This does not have to be true. If the Twelve Steps are done thoroughly and honestly, the obsession to drink and take drugs is entirely lifted. Our clients and staff no longer want to drink or take drugs. It is not even an option. We can help you find freedom from the cravings for any mind-altering substance. Life can be full. You can be the person you were always meant to be. That’s a promise.