Benefits of Out of State Rehab vs. In State

Combatting addiction is hard enough. The cravings, the emotions, and the triggers can seem impossible to deal with. Group and individual therapy are often needed to uncover the root causes of the addiction. On top of all this, the physical effects of withdrawal can be difficult to deal with. All of these factors can mean that drug rehab can be a difficult process.

One thing that can help ease this process is attending rehab out-of-state. Addicts that enroll in drug rehab away from their home state traditionally do better. Detox has been found to be 20% more effective if undertaken out-of-state. Addicts are able to concentrate on healing emotional trauma while returning to physical health. Contact with family and friends is limited so the addict can focus on attaining sobriety without distractions. Also, when someone can spend time in a more temperate climate, they often return to health more quickly. Another positive effect of out-of-state rehab can be enhanced anonymity. Privacy can be much more easily maintained far from home.

All of these factors can bolster the addict’s confidence and resolve in many ways before returning home. The personalities, neighborhoods, and other emotional triggers that once were so hard to resist may lose their strength once someone has spent time in a healthier environment. Long term effects have been proven to be more beneficial with out-of-state rehab as well. Relapse rates are lower among those who attend rehab farther from home.
Many balk at the added cost of traveling to out-of-state rehab. If that is the case, the emotional and physical costs of drug addiction on entire families should be considered as well. Higher success rates and stronger sobriety may far outweigh the price of a plane ticket. Also, many insurance companies cover the cost of out-of-state rehab. With this in mind, out-of-state rehab may well be best solution for many addicts.

Reasons Why Out-Of-State Drug Rehab May be The Best Option:

  1. Physical distance from acquaintances, friends and family that may also be struggling with addiction helps us gain new perspective.
  2. Specific neighborhoods, dealers and daily habits can be strong triggers. Without those we have a better chance at staying sober.
  3. Being in a different state allows us to maintain anonymity and protect our privacy.
  4. Living in a new environment with a healthier climate and strong sobriety network helps us build new healthy lifestyles.
  5. Studies show the if we are far from home we are more likely to stay the course through the first days of withdrawal symptoms and depression.
  6. If it is more difficult to find transportation to our neighborhood and acquaintances that are bad influence, we are more likely to stay and receive the help we need.
  7. When returning to our old neighborhoods and fellow addicts we are more likely to relapse. The more time we spend away from them, the stronger we become.
  8. A comfortable climate and environment can lead to a healthier lifestyle and health habits.
  9. Many areas lack the comprehensive support that an out-of-state rehab may have.
  10. Time away from daily family stress can give us the time to rest and heal.
The Benefits of Out-Of-State Drug Rehab
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The Benefits of Out-Of-State Drug Rehab
Attending drug and alcohol rehabilitation away from your physical and emotional triggers can give you the time to truly heal.
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