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The Most Important Climate Change is the One in Your Soul

The Most Important Climate Change is the One in Your Soul

Peace is a commodity every human desires. Whether actions support the statement or not, peace is easier said than felt. Here are 6 ways to keep your soul balanced with peace that is attainable from within the core of each of us.

Peace is Achieved by Letting Go

Albert Einstein said “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” Understanding is therefor achieved by letting go of regrets and excuses pertaining to your past. The past can never be changed, and you can never control what exactly will happen to you and around you daily. What is in your power is how you feel and how you react. When you hang on to regret or make excuses about what you should have and could have done, you are really just creating another road block to moving forward with actions that will bring change to your current situation. The biggest time waster in your life is the time you waste wishing something different had happened. Wishing to change the past never will. Acting to change your future will always produce a new situation.

You Don’t Need All The Answers to Obtain Emotional Intelligence

The sensation of freedom is most easily felt through the acceptance that you don’t know everything. When you don’t know where your going or what the right answers to your situation are, you are opening yourself up to expanded knowledge. Being able to admit when you don’t understand something is the same as admitting you are willing to learn more and achieve more through personal growth. When you cannot admit you are in need of direction or wisdom, you most certainly wont gain it.

Surrender Your Delusions of a Pain Free Life

Life is full of ups, downs, and everything in between. When your expectation of life is that it should always be pain free and that conflict is not necessary, you will most certainly be disappointed by life over and over again.
When conflict arises in our lives, its an opportunity to grow and learn. Ultimately, conflict builds confidence when you are able to overcome whatever difficulties are presented. When pain is overcome, it means you are alive. Pain is for the living, breathing, sometimes struggling, but always still existing human. Pain does not need to be the enemy, let pain inspire you to change.

Cut Ties to Insensitive People

People are impossible to change, all change in people comes from within, when they are ready to change. People will anger you, hurt you, lie to you, abuse you if you let them. When someone is treating you poorly, it is a complete and total waist of time to be consumed by the obsession to change them to seek their approval. Walk away. The only persons approval you need is your own and harboring hate for others ultimately affects you negatively, not them.

Fulfillment is Not Achieved by the Completion of Goals

Many people make the mistake of looking forward to a completed goal as being what will bring them joy and peace. Fulfillment is accomplished and flows fluidly through the process of finding your purpose and your most organic intentions. Often once a goal is achieved you realize that the outcome or results of the goal being completed may not have been the results you had expected or strategized for. Eventually new goals will be set to again find the “fulfillment” desired. When you realize that peace and joy comes from the process of taking action in your life and not the end results of the action, you will be inspired to stay in action and to continue the process, not to give up and settle for the outcome, because more likely than not, the intention and purpose will not match the end results to your actions.

Peace is in the process of overcoming life’s daily challenges. Stay in action to produce the peace and joy you desire in your life.

Written by Leisha Knight


The Most Important Climate Change is the One in Your Soul
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The Most Important Climate Change is the One in Your Soul
Peace comes from within. A peaceful mind then is projected and spreads like wild fire by our actions. Individually we must change the climate of our souls to change our fellow humans susceptibility to acceptance of any change in society as a whole. Most people will not listen unless you walk the walk and talk the talk. Work on health and warmth of your own soul in order to connect to those around you in a meaningful way. Read about 6 ways to bring peace to your soul today.
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