drug addiction cycle

Cycle of Addiction

The Cycle of Drug Addiction

Substance Abuse Addiction: The Endless Battle

Successful drug rehab starts with drug detox. After detoxing, physical healing begins process of returning to normalcy.  Physical recovery comes quickly, but it is critical to address the underlying psychological issues that are the root of addiction. Admitting the problem essentially starts the road to successful, long-term recovery. Failure to look the emotional substance abuse causes results in remain trapped in the endless cycle of addiction.

The addiction cycle begins with pain. As a result, one reaches out for the addictive agent (drug or alcohol). This leads to temporary relief, which invariably results in negative consequences. The result is shame and guilt, which leads back to pain. Thus the cycle begins again, and again.

The Cycle of Drug Addiction
The Cycle of Drug Addiction

The relentless cycle of drug abuse consequences, remorse, abstinence and relapse can be stopped.

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