What to Pack for Inpatient Drug Treatment

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So you’ve decided to come to Ventura Recovery Center. Congratulations, this may be the best choice you’ll ever make. Wondering what to pack? What life will be like in treatment?

Don’t worry, We are very casual here in Southern California. Jeans, yoga pants and t-shirts are appropriate in most situations. Keep in mind that it gets chilly at night, so pack a light sweater or jacket. Bring enough clothes to last about 2 weeks. We have laundry facilities here, so that should be plenty.

Some basic items you'll need

Something to sleep in that is proper in a coed setting

Under garments

Something to wear to the beach – modest bathing suit and beach sandals

Loose fitting clothing for outdoor exercise activities

Sneakers/ comfortable shoes for walking


For specific information about dressing appropriately while at Ventura Recovery Center, please visit our VRC Dress Code page


• Modest comfortable everyday clothes (jeans, t-shirts, shorts)


Light weight jacket

Personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

Personal appliances – hair dryers, flat irons, tooth brushes etc.

Books, magazines, leisure items

Make sure nothing you bring is offensive to others and all your toiletries are alcohol-free.

Money and valuables

Money and Valueables

If you bring cash, checks, checkbooks, a passport, a laptop or cellphone, or anything worth over $100, we will place them in a safe and give them back to you when your treatment has completed.

Treatment Fees Unless you made payment arrangements, payment in the form of a personal check, credit card transaction, cashier’s check or cash will be expected upon admission. If you pre-paid, please bring information on wire transfer transaction, check or any other payment sent prior to admission.

Personal Spending  Bring some extra money to buy extra daily things we all like to have like snacks, soft drinks or cigarettes

Prescription Drugs co-payments  If your insurance requires a copay, bring a credit card or additional funds in the amount of $500 to cover these charges.


Bring prescription medication dosage necessary during your travel plus one day. We will prescribe the medicine you need here. Insurance often won’t pay for refills past 30 days, so don’t refill your prescriptions before you get here. You will get a new medication claim for prescriptions ordered at Ventura Recovery Center and that may make you responsible for payment.

Please do not bring these things:

Tight clothes, see-through clothes, mini skirts or short shorts are Inappropriate in a co-ed setting. T-shirts which have the refer to alcohol, drugs, or offensive phrases would also be inappropriate. Please read our Dress Code for more instructions.

Clothes that need to be dry-cleaned


Anything that contains alcohol

Nail polish, nail polish remover, or glue

Weight loss pills, energy pills, caffeine products

Pocket knives, utility knives or any kind of weapon

Sexual or offensive items

Anything worth $300 or more

alcoholism treatment beach

This is my third recovery center and by far the most helpful I have attended. Their staff, housing and program is just what I needed. They have given me the tools I need to live life sober.

Greg R.

At Ventura Recovery Center, our mission is to help our clients find freedom from the grips of the relentless cycle of drug addiction and alcoholism. We are located in the quiet community of Thousand Oaks, just north of the Los Angeles area. We serve clients from the southern California region; Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties as well as all around the country.
You can be free of the self-imposed prison of drug addiction and alcoholism. Let us help you.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.