What to Expect at Drug Rehab

A Typical Day at Ventura Recovery Center

What can I expect at rehab? Is it like being in the hospital? What do you do all day? What kind of people are there?

Many people feel that they are in the dark when it comes to drug or alcohol rehab. To answer a few of these questions, we will take you through a typical day here. That way you will know what to expect.

Start Fresh

drug treatment center typical morning sunrise

1. Wake up feeling safe and peaceful

Ventura Recovery Center is a residential treatment center for drug or alcohol addiction. That means our facilities are located in residential homes in quiet neighborhoods. Your privacy and safety are protected here. Our large ranch-style homes have wheelchair access and have large patio areas. We have comfortable semi-private rooms with all modern amenities. We make sure you feel at home here.

2. A positive start to your day

Once you are out of the detox phase, you will go to a morning 12-step meeting to start the day. This is located very close to the treatment center and known to have a positive atmosphere. The people at this meeting have strong sobriety, are friendly and ready to help.

3. Amazing Food

Our full-time chef will prepare a delicious healthy breakfast. If you have any special menu requests we will make adjustments for you too. Lunch, dinner, desserts and healthy shakes and juices are made fresh daily.

4. Daily Therapy

You will participate in group therapy sessions as well as one-on-one counseling. Here you will be able to look at your behavior patterns and coping mechanisms. Looking at yourself honestly allows you to understand why you took drugs or drank alcohol. You will spend time with people who have been through what you have and can relate to your experiences. With therapy you will learn new ways to look at and interact with the world about you, so you no longer feel you need drugs or alcohol to cope.

5. Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies help heal your mind and body too. Yoga classes and boxing get your blood flowing and strengthen and tone muscles. With art therapy, students learn new problem-solving techniques and freedom of expression. Many of our clients love this part of the day.  Art therapy sessions nurture your creative side. We offer boxing lessons as well. If that is something you are interested in, it is a time for an intense workout and a release of anxieties. Combined, these daily practices help you become strong mentally and physically.

Rest and Reflect

6. Evenings to Regroup

After dinner, many usually go to another 12 step meeting. The recovery community is very prolific in this area and there are many nightly meetings to choose from. Again, you will interact with others who have recovered from addiction and have tips for success. People also spend time working on their steps, journaling, watching movies or spending time with their step guide. Also, you can talk with your family and friends on the phone in the evenings. We encourage you to keep in touch with your loved ones.

7. Your Step Guide

When you come to Ventura Recovery Center, we will introduce you to someone who will be your step-guide as you work the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. This will be someone who has successfully completed the steps and believes that this process really works. You will attend weekly Step meetings with this person and build a relationship of trust as you work the steps and receive guidance. This process has worked wonders for countless others, including most of the staff here. It will work for you too if you just follow a few directions.


8. Weekend Fun

On the weekends we are a bit more relaxed. We plan activities like going to the movies, bowling, or watching sports. We may hike in the beautiful surrounding hills. We may take a trip to the beach, which is 25 minutes away. Family members are invited to “hang out” with us. Weekends are set aside for fun and relaxation here at Ventura Recovery Center.

Creating healthy habits and a positive attitude, one day at a time.

The VRC Difference

Your days at Ventura Recovery Center are filled with good food, positive therapies and time to relax and heal. You will be able to spend time in a beautiful, safe atmosphere to focus on your healing. As you progress, you will surely form bonds with others who understand what you have been through. We are all part of a family here, and we welcome you to become a part of it.

What To Expect at Drug Rehab: A Typical Day at Ventura Recovery Center
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What To Expect at Drug Rehab: A Typical Day at Ventura Recovery Center
Guidance, support and structure are three things you will receive while in treatment here.
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