Heroin Detox Is A Challenge For Addicts

Heroin Detox | Ventura Recovery CenterToday the problem of heroin addiction is more widespread than ever. Those who have developed an addiction to heroin realize that the drug is controlling their lives but in many cases, they are unable to accomplish heroin detox on their own. The reason is that once a person has become a heroin addict, the body and the brain become accustomed to having the drug in the system.

As soon as the brain detects that the levels of heroin in the body are dropping, the brain will create very intense cravings for more of the drug. These cravings can be so overwhelming that after a few hours the addict will be desperate to take the drug again in order to feel some relief.

In the next few hours, the heroin addict will feel worse and worse while in withdrawal. Some addicts have compared the misery of heroin detox to having a terrible flu. The entire body will start to ache. The addict may feel fever and chills at the same time, along with uncontrollable shaking and vomiting. In addition to the terrible physical sensations, the addict may also feel tremendous depression and agitation.

It is best for heroin addicts to detox in a setting where they can have medical supervision so that their symptoms can be managed while they are withdrawing from the drug. This will enable the addicts to get through the worst symptoms without taking the drug again. Once the period of detox is over, the next part of treatment can begin.

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