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I Can’t Afford Rehab-The Lies Us Addicts Tell Ourselves To Avoid Asking For Help

I have heard this line and said it myself so many times I can’t count. I can also say from personal experience that when I said it, I didn’t want help and I wasn’t at my “bottom”.  I can’t speak for everyone, some people need bottoms,  I was one of them.  What all those that get help have in come is this:  we all got brave enough to ask for help.

There are two kinds of addicts, the lucky ones that ask for help early on by swallowing their pride quickly and asking for help, then there’s the majority (like me) with the attitude claiming “I need to learn the hard way, no one is going to tell me what to do!”.  One way or another, if its a matter of life and death, the question of  “Will you help me find a way out of this disaster of a life I’ve created for myself?!?!”  becomes a much easier questions and the price tag doesn’t matter.

When an addict comes to the conclusion that they are at the end of their road, there is no other option but to live or die, thrive or deplete, there also becomes a new question “How do get I addiction treatment that will save my life?” instead of a statement that it’s not affordable and therefor unattainable.

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In an unstable economy like today’s, the financial hardship treatment can cause is very real and is not to be ignored, its a problem for many families. Yet, comparatively to the amount of money the addict and their family has wasted on the substance of choice and for all the mental and physical issues and treatment associated prior and for a lifetime going forward greatly exceeds the cost of most any 30-90 day program if not addressed.

Through treatment and sobriety all the money invested in your well being can be earned back in recovery after you are able to work again. The gains can be endless through giving back. It will be the best investment into your future you ever made, because sobriety helps you help others. You will thank your future self and so will the rest of the world when you are able to give back because you are worthy of success. We all are.

First of all, ASKING FOR HELP is the the number one first step to getting the help you need. Sometimes bosses are willing to help defray some of the cost, but you wont know till you ask. Another option is that your insurance company may offer you benefits that you didn’t know you were covered for. There are private bank loans you may qualify for that you can pay back in no time during sobriety. Your family may be willing to help you cover what your insurance company does not. Even friends have been known to come to the rescue for loved ones, all you have to do is ask. There are solutions. The most important thing to remember is as long as there are other people, there are other answers to your problems, because people help people. Keep asking.

Its never easy to ask for help, but most people that do find that their loved ones and employers are glad that they did. It can feel extremely overwhelming just to make the call to you insurance company and to contact treatment facilities and community resources, but again, asking for help from family and friends makes all the difference in the world. There is a plethora of social media communities, internet and community organizations such as AA dedicated to helping people who struggle with addiction to point you in the right direction.

If you are struggling with addiction and cannot find a solution for sobriety on your own, make your next statement be: “I cant afford to not ask for help”.

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I Can't Afford Rehab-The Lies Us Addicts Tell Ourselves To Avoid Asking For Help
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I Can't Afford Rehab-The Lies Us Addicts Tell Ourselves To Avoid Asking For Help
There are many excuses addicts have for not seeking treatment for recovery. Often affordability of treatment facilities is at the top of the list of reasons why now is not the time to ask for help. However more often than not the solutions to all of the seeming walls between the addict and sobriety can be broken down and overcome simply by asking for help.
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