Isolation: A Sign Of Drug Addiction

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Isolation: A Sign Of Drug Addiction

Isolation is one of several signs of addiction that are common among most people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Like most of the other signs that friends and family members of an addict may notice, isolation can manifest itself in different behaviors for different people. To learn even more about the vicious cycle os addiction and isolation, visit our post.

It is a stereotype that alcoholics drink alone, but in many cases it is the truth. Isolation can take the form of drinking alone, hiding alcohol or losing interest in hobbies and activities. In many addicts, it also includes emotionally withdrawing from those who would have previously been their closest confidants.

Perhaps the most well-known sign of addiction is hiding the use of drugs or alcohol from friends and family. This is a form of isolation, because it includes keeping secrets from family and physically separating themselves from their loved ones in order to continue their addiction. Addicts who isolate in this way may volunteer to run errands, then stay gone for more time than could possible be necessary. A trip to the grocery store can take all night, and a quick run to pick up cigarettes can take hours. Spouses, parents or significant others may also find bottles hidden throughout the house, or a drug stash hidden away in a secret place.

Another way that addicts often isolate is through stopping doing the things that used to make them happy. Losing interest in friends, hobbies, sports, social activities, clubs and other activities they used to enjoy is common among addicts. As addictions become more serious and central to the life of the addict, they overtake more interests and activities.

Emotional withdrawal and isolation is one of the most damaging behaviors of an addict, because it destroys the relationships with friends and family members. Some addicts, alcoholics especially, will continue to use in public. They will isolate by pushing loved ones out of their lives, instead preferring the company of acquaintances who do not have an emotional stake in their addiction.

Isolation is one of the most obvious behavioral changes that come with alcohol and drug addiction. Through isolating, an addict feels that he or she is hiding their use from loved ones when isolation is actually one of the most telltale signs of an addict. If you have concerns about a friend or family member’s drinking or drug use, we can help.

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