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Ventura Recovery Center Sweitlow Scholarship Winner Announced

The Sweitlow Scholarship Program

In January 2017, Ventura Recovery Center invited people from all over the country to participate in an essay contest. Applicants were to write a 500-800 word essay about how addiction has affected them or their loved ones. The writer of the best essay wins $1000 to be used towards college tuition or books.

“We were astounded by how many submissions we received! So many of them were very heart-felt and well written. It was difficult to choose a winner,” said Robert Blume, who works in Community Outreach for Ventura Recovery Center.

Many participants recounted how the addictions of family members and friends changed the way they look at the world. Others, very bravely, talked of their own struggles with drug and alcohol addiction and what they have done to recover. With each essay, we are reminded that no one is immune to the far-reaching affects of addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction and the attempts to achieve and maintain sobriety impact everyone about us.

While most of the essays were wonderful, “there was just something special about Juno Laing’s essay,” said Robert. “It was raw and deeply honest.” Juno received $1000 towards her college education at Laney College in Oakland, CA this semester. “We are so happy to be able to help someone as she works to make her life better. We know Juno will succeed at anything she tries.”

We at Ventura Recovery Center are committed to helping those with addiction disorders. We believe that if someone is given a chance and the tools to change their life for the better, wonderful things can happen. We are proud to announce Juno Laing is the winner of the 2017 Sweitlow Scholarship.

Ventura Recovery Center Sweitlow Scholarship Winner Announced
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Ventura Recovery Center Sweitlow Scholarship Winner Announced
The winner of our essay contest won $1000 for books or college tuition. We believe everyone deserves a chance.
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Ventura Recovery Center
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