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Am I An Alcoholic? Signs of Alcoholism and How to Get Help

Can you be an alcoholic even if you are not living on the streets and unemployed?  You can’t always determine if someone is an alcoholic from their appearance. There are stereotypes, but they do not always apply. Alcoholism can affect people who look entirely “normal.” Many alcoholics still have homes, jobs and families. Their lives

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Alcohol use disorder facts

10 Facts About Alcoholism

How much drinking is too much? Isn’t a glass of wine good for you? Why do some people go overboard when they drink and others can have one drink and stop? These are commonly asked questions that many people just don’t know the answer to. Alcohol is a prevalent part of our culture, serves as

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Long term drug treatment

Long Term Drug Treatment

Long Term Drug Treatment: What is taking so long? In our caffeine-fueled, frantic, multitasking world we want everything FAST. Fast delivery, fast food, fast download, we all want to save time; even with our health care. Emergency medical care is around the corner from many homes. Medical surgeries and treatments that required lengthy hospital stays

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