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EMDR: Heal Trauma, Heal Drug Addiction

When most people think of psychotherapy, they have visions of weekly sessions sitting in a chair and talking to someone. They imagine rehashing their daily dilemmas and childhood traumas over and over until, one day, many years later, they are healed….if they are lucky. This, fortunately, is just an image given us by media and …

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alcoholism dugs affect brain function

How Drugs and Alcohol Affect the Brain

The Brain Reacts to Drugs and Alcohol With long-term alcohol or drug abuse, the brain physically changes. The brain actually shrinks and its ability to process information is damaged. When this happens, the parts of the brain that regulate impulse control, stress management, and information processing can all be harmed. The limbic system is an …

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drug addiction cycle

Cycle of Addiction

The Cycle of Drug Addiction The Endless Battle Successful drug rehab starts with drug detox. After detoxing, physical healing begins process of returning to normalcy.  Physical recovery comes quickly, but it is critical to address the underlying psychological issues that are the root of addiction. Admitting the problem essentially starts the road to successful, long-term …

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